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Dr. Sharlotte Tusasiirwe - Secretary, ASSWA

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Name: Dr Sharlotte Tusasiirwe 

Email: t_sharlotte@yahoo.com

Position: Secretary, ASSWA

Dr Sharlotte Tusasiirwe is a Ugandan-born, internationally educated social worker, researcher, activist.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Makerere University in Uganda and a master’s degree in Social Work and Human rights from University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Sharlotte pursued her PhD at Western Sydney University, Australia from 2016-2020.

Sharlotte is very interested in researching Social Work Education and her PhD has been focused on how to decolonise social work education and practice to create culturally appropriate and contextually relevant profession.

She has researched how African knowledges and Obuntu/Ubuntu philosophies can inform social work. She is interested in theorising how diverse epistemologies from our diverse cultures can be at the centre in social work education and practice.

She loves teaching and researching indigenous knowledges, ageing and age-old wisdom, community-led initiatives, community development and advocacy, gender, among others.