Supporting and Advancing Social Work Education in Africa

Promotion of development of Social Work Education Throughout African

Association of Schools of Social Work in Africa (ASSWA)

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Association of Schools of Social Work in Africa (ASSWA) is an international organization that aims to advance social work education in Africa. The association strives to uphold the social work values, principles and human rights of all people and social justice.

Our Purpose & Objectives

The purpose of Association of Schools of Social Work in Africa (ASSWA) is to promote the interests of social work education in African region. [Read More]


Being part of ASSWA as a member comes with a number of advantages including:-

1. Participation in decision making and governance of the association particularly through elections and General Assembly

2. Opportunities for networking that can advance collaborative research projects and sharing of relevant and important information

3. Conferences and workshops offered by ASSWA and in collaboration with other national and international social work associations.

4. Regular updates in the field of social work on local, regional and international levels.

5. Payment of our members’ annual IASSW (International association of schools of social work) membership fees, hence allowing academics from schools of social work in Africa to be able to serve on the IASSW board.

ASSWA Leadership

Dr. Kgomotso Jongman
President, ASSWA
Prof. Shahana Rasool
Vice President, ASSWA
Dr. Sharlotte Tusasiirwe
Secretary, ASSWA
Dr. Corlie Giliomee
Treasurer, ASSWA

News & Updates


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